Rafting - Rhone Action


Along a protected section of the river, the natural river bed allows navigation along large river flows ... Accessible to all from 14 years; this course is considered one of the most voluminous of any in the Alps. Are you seeking a thrill? Time to face the turbulent waters of the rapids of the River Rhone! Get ready to paddle and defy the most intense waves on this river! Adrenaline and pleasure guaranteed on this exciting descent. And finally, when you are completely soaked, you will be able to finish your adventure with a unique bathing experience and challenge the rapids! Enjoy the refreshing descent and take part in an unforgettable experience. A memorable group activity! The activities are carried out by the authorized companies (see the federal register of authorized companies). https://www.baspo.admin.ch/fr/aktuell/themen--dossiers-/gesetz-ueber-risikosportarten/verzeichnis-bewilligungen.html


  • Level: Expert
  • Age: > 14 years
  • Duration: 3h00
  • On the water: 1h00
  • May to October
  • Location: Sierre
  • depart-icone-temps-rafting-hydrospeed-canyoning-valais-wallis-sion-schweiz-suisse-switzerland 10h00, 13h30 or 16h30
  • Price: CHF 110.-
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